Our Story

Our Story




REVELLE was founded in Madison, Wisconsin

by mother-daughter duo, Debbie Garten &

her daughter, Ali Stone. 





It all started when Ali was nine years old and saw an expensive pair of earrings

in a boutique. Naturally, she asked her mom if she could get them. When Debbie

said no Ali declared, “Fine, then I’ll make them myself!” So she did.


Ali taught herself the basics and suddenly she was late to school on a daily

basis, crafting last-minute jewelry to match her outfit of the day. Along the way,

she taught her mom (an attorney) and the team’s jewelry business was born.



Sally Revelle


Sally — mother, Bubby, and friend — had grace and style to spare,

and she inspired our very first pieces of jewelry over 20 years ago and

continues to inspire us everyday.


REVELLE is edgy and elegant and is meant to stand alone or

wear with your favorite family heirlooms, as we do. We hope you

love wearing REVELLE as much as we love creating it.